The Story of Have Dress

Welcome to Have Dress!

Your magical journey through a realm where elegance and happiness seamlessly entwine, and dreams gracefully unfold into reality, begins here.

The Dawn of HaveDress

In the year 2020, amidst the vibrant and rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture, Have Dress was meticulously stitched into existence by our founder, Olena. With a vision shimmering with elegance, a heart pulsating with passion for bringing joy to young girls across the globe, and a soul deeply committed to sustainability, Olena embarked on this exciting venture. Today, while our roots are steeped in the enchanting Ukrainian spirit, our main warehouse and production house nestle in the heart of Poland.

Crafted with Joy, Worn with Elegance

Dive deep into the heart of Have Dress, and you'll find a radiant core of unwavering commitment to crafting joy. We understand that a dress isn't just a piece of fabric, it's a canvas of dreams, a cocoon of confidence, and a swirl of radiant joy. Every stitch we make, every design we conceive, speaks the universal language of happiness and celebration of individuality.

Sustainable Elegance

At Have Dress, sustainability isn't an option, it's a promise, a commitment carved in the delicate lace and soft silks of our dresses. Our conscious decision to embrace an on-demand production model is a testament to our love for the planet, reducing waste and overproduction. Each dress, handcrafted with precision and care by our skilled artisans in Poland, is a symphony of sustainability and elegance, offering you not just style but also a sense of responsible luxury.

Our Artisans, Our Pride

In the quiet corners of our atelier, magic happens every day. Our artisans, skilled and passionate, breathe life into fabrics, turning them into masterpieces of craft and artistry. Every dress that leaves our atelier is not just a product, it's a treasure chest of dedication, skill, and an unspoken story of craftsmanship, ready to be unfolded and celebrated by you.

Etsy Love

Our journey has been nothing short of magical, with brides on Etsy showering their love and trust on Have Dress. Every positive review, every word of appreciation fuels our passion and commitment to creating dresses that resonate with your dreams and stand testament to our craft.

Join Our Journey

As you step into the world of Have Dress, you're not just our valued customer; you're a part of our story, our family. With a dress from Have Dress, you don't just wear a piece of clothing, you embrace a legacy of elegance, responsibility, and unbridled joy. So, come, join us in this dance of elegance and sustainability, and let's together create stories woven with threads of happiness and fabrics of dreams. Welcome to HaveDress Store – where your dream dress awaits its dance with you!