Return Policy

Tailored for You: Our Return Policy at Have Dress

Custom Creations, Just for You

At Have Dress, every item is more than a product, it’s a personalized expression of your unique style, meticulously brought to life through the skilled hands of our craftsmen. Each piece you order is handcrafted with precision and care, aligning with your specific requests and provided measurements.

Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our canvas, and every stroke, stitch, and detail we add to your dress aims to paint a masterpiece of joy and fulfillment. Have Dress is dedicated to ensuring that the smile when you receive your dress is as wide and genuine as when you wear it.

Understanding Our Return Policy

Given the bespoke nature of our dresses, each sale, like the dresses, is final and unique. Due to the personalized, made-to-order process and the labor-intensive craftsmanship involved, we are unable to accept returns. We craft each dress to be a unique tapestry that fits your body and spirit perfectly, and returning such a piece is like returning a part of yourself – impossible and invaluable.

Finding Solutions Together

While our policy is firm, our approach to customer satisfaction is flexible and understanding. If there’s an aspect of your order that does not align with your expectations, we encourage you to reach out to us. Every concern, every question, and every issue is treated with respect and consideration, and we are always open to discussions and negotiations to find a solution that leaves you satisfied.

Navigating Unique Circumstances

For scenarios not explicitly covered under this Return Policy, we believe in the power of dialogue and compromise. Together, we can navigate through any concerns or challenges that might arise, with the shared goal of ensuring that you not only receive a dress but also experience the magic and joy that is Have Dress.

Join Us with Confidence

Step into the enchanting world of Have Dress with confidence and excitement. With policies crafted to protect and serve your interests and a team dedicated to making your experience delightful and satisfying, your journey with us is set to be nothing short of magical. Welcome, and let the fairytale begin!