How to care for our items

💫 Welcome, Beloved Style Maven to the Have Dress Care Guide! 💫

Our dresses aren’t mere garments; they are delicate stories of your style, spun with care and whispered elegance. And like any timeless tale, they need a bit of tender, loving care to remain as mesmerizing as the first time you slipped into them.

A Love Letter to Your Dress:

1. 🌬️ Gentle Whispers of Air: Avoid the tumble drier’s harsh spins; instead, let your dress bask in the gentle air, drying naturally and softly, retaining its shape and whispered elegance.

2. 🚿 Delicate Bathing Ritual: Hand wash your enchanted gown in cold water with a detergent that knows how to whisper to delicate fabrics. A soft, circular motion keeps the fabric’s integrity while singing away any stains.

3. 🕊️ White Glove Treatment: If you must use a machine, think of it as a gentle carousel for your dress. Opt for the delicate cycle, placing your gown in a mesh bag, protecting it from the rough-and-tumble.

4. 💎 Precious Ironing Moments: When it comes to ironing, your dress prefers a lukewarm touch. Too hot, and the fabric might wilt. Iron inside out, with swift, gentle strokes, much like a soft breeze.

5. 🌿 Fragrance-Free Elegance: Steer clear of bleach and harsh chemicals. They are too loud and abrasive for your dress's gentle, delicate whispers.

6. 🏰 Closet Castle: Hang or fold your gown with care in a cool, dry wardrobe. Much like a castle, it should be away from direct sunlight, which might fade its vibrant tales.

7. 🌺 Occasional Spa Day: Every now and then, treat your dress to professional dry cleaning. Think of it as a spa day for your gown, rejuvenating its threads and revitalizing its sparkle.

Closing Notes:

With these gentle care tips, your dress from Havedress Store will not just last but will continue to narrate tales of elegance, grace, and unmatched style, turning heads and sparking joy wherever you go!

To Years of Glamour & Graceful Wears, Have Dress Team 🌸👗