How to take measurements

Unveiling Your Perfect Fit with Have Dress!

Hey, Gorgeous-in-the-making! Ready to slip into a gown that whispers just-for-you? Let’s nail those measurements first! 🌟

Your Measuring Squad:

  • A Tape Measure (fabric is your friend).
  • A Ribbon or String (keep it simple, keep it chic).
  • A Pal (because it takes two to tango).

Note of Love:

Crafting made-to-adore dresses is an art and a labor of love at Since we tailor each piece to your unique curves and edges, refunds on customized gowns aren't in our vocabulary.

Step into Precision:

1. Shoulder to Bust - A Graceful Descent:

Glide from your shoulder's highest point to your bust’s fullest. It’s a journey of inches but lasts a lifetime in style.

2. Shoulder to Waist - The Elegant Drop:

Picture a vertical drop from shoulder to waist, caressing your bust’s peak with the tape. Straight and poised!

3. Celebrate Your Bust:

The tape dances around your chest at its fullest. It’s a celebration of you!

4. Upper Arm - With a Gentle Flex:

Arm relaxed, measure where it’s most robust, with enough space for a finger to slip under the tape’s embrace. Easy does it!

5. Whisper Around the Waist:

At the whisper of your waist (around the belly button), let the tape rest, comfortably snug but not tight. Breathe, darling.

6. Hip’s Full Story:

With feet close, let the tape tell the story around your hips at their fullest. Every inch, a tale of beauty!

7. Skirt Length - From Waist to Wonder:

Starting at your winsome waist, run the ribbon to where the dress kisses your legs. Perfection in length!

8. Height - From Top to Toe:

Your stature, from head to the glorious floor, is the final note in this symphony of measurements.

Closing Curtains:

With meticulous measures, your dream dress from Have Dress is no longer a fantasy. It's a bespoke reality waiting to drape you in elegance and individuality. Cheers to a fit so perfect, it feels like a second skin, but oh, so much more enchanting! 🌸👗