Where are you located? 

We launched our company in 2020 in Ukraine and then in 2023 we made our branch in Poland, making it easier for brides across worldwide to find their perfect dresses. 

Can I customize or alter any of your bridal dresses? 

Yes, we can customize or alter any of our dresses. Our team of skilled seamstresses can make various modifications to ensure the dress fits your specific preferences and requirements. Whether you want to change the neckline, adjust the sleeves, or add or remove any embellishments, we can accommodate these customizations. When placing your order, look for the "Customize  Dress" option. It should be a checkbox that you can select. Ensure that you enter all the necessary information and specifications accurately. This will help the dressmaker in fulfilling your customization requests to create the perfect dress. The cost of customization starts at $49. However, the final price will vary depending on the complexity of the changes you require.

How long does it take to make a dress? 

We handcraft all our dresses based on individual measurements. Our tailoring time has been reduced 1 month. 

My wedding is soon. Is it possible to receive the dress faster than the deadline indicated on the website?

Absolutely! We can expedite your dress production. The standard production time is 1 month. However, we can produce your dress in two weeks for an additional $59. For even faster production in 5-7 days, there is an extra charge of $99. We are committed to making sure you have your dress in time for your special day!

How can I return a dress? 

Our customized items are individually handmade according to your request and the measurements provided. Have Dress aims to guarantee your full satisfaction. All sales are final and no refund will be issued. Your dresses are made-to-order and labor-intensive therefore we cannot accept returns on dresses. In cases not covered by this DELIVERY AND RETURN POLICY, issues are solved individually by negotiations of the parties.